Holly Street Project.

Our Standard Silent Screen product line is our most welcomed product for its effective absorptive noise wall properties.  This product line provides both sound absorption and sound transmission loss. It reaches extraordinary marks in: reaching a NRC of 1.05 and a STC of 35.

This metal system is 12″ wide and 2 3/4″ thick. These panels consist of individual sections, 12″ wide, mounted horizontally or vertically, side by side. Each section consists of a 2 3/4″ deep 16 gauge back tray. The tray is filled with a six pound density mineral wool, and covered with a 22 gauge perforated face panel.

If the Standard Silent Screen does not meet your acoustical requirements, please refer to  product line is the side bar .One of our acoustical panel products will meet your acoustical needs. Check out the submittal packages to get a more technical look at the product line that has been utilized throughout the United States.

Silent Screen Specification Package

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