New Research and Development Project

New Research and Development Project

After 30 years of experience in the field of acoustics, and a gained appreciation for the industry, Empire Acoustical Systems felt compelled to make a contribution of our own. EAS is proud to announce the launching of an exciting new Acoustical Research and Development Project. We’re introducing the first ever metal building to be constructed to its entirety (walls and roof) using acoustical products. Conducting this intensive feasibility study and testing has allowed us to create valuable new product line. This will allow for an emergence of a new market that has been somewhat neglected in the past and present.  The issue of Environmental noise has had a primary focus on the most common sources in which noise pollution originates, such as vehicle traffic, airplanes, trains, sirens, generators, air compressors and air conditioning units. The noise produced in manufacturing operations, coming from within a building, has been largely overlooked and underestimated.  Manufacturing Plants such as machine shops, and fabrication facilities, among others, generate high levels of noise pollution when not treated properly. The research proposed building is located in the Princeton Technology Park, behind the EAS manufacturing plant. 

The designed concept evaluated for this 100% acoustically treated metal building was the use of metal acoustical panels, which provides great thermal resistance and pleasant architectural appearance. The acoustic Silent Screen Panels were evaluated to be the most environmentally friendly product, (recycled LEED certified steel) since it provides noise enclosure within the facility and provides good insulation on the building envelope. There are also sufficient Silent Screen Panels from past projects, already fabricated, that were made of use in covering a high percentage of the building envelope of the facility. 

Empire’s acoustic products have been used in a variety of different applications, such as noise barrier walls, blast deflectors, equipment enclosure, among others. From our line of different types of metal acoustic panels, the most popular and most diverse being that of the Silent Screen acoustic panel. This same technology will be utilized for the design and construction of the metal acoustic building. This technology provides both sound absorption and sound transmission loss, reaching extraordinary marks in testing, reaching a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.05 and a Sound Transmission Class of 35. See the detailed information within the laboratory testing report prepared by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories for the Silent Screen Panel:

New manufacturing facilities that have a need to reduce the noise pollution within their manufacturing operations will be able to utilize this type of application. Being aligned with our companies’ mission, we wanted to make sure that this product not only positively impact the environment by reducing noise generation, but also impact the environment’s overall wellbeing. In doing so, we ensured the product is up to L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Use of this product line can be used to acquire LEED rating points in order to obtain this type of certification for your business as well, spreading the importance of green building. If you believe this type of application can benefit your next project and its surrounding community and environment, please contact one of our representatives to learn more about the additional benefits.

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