The M-90 product line offers a solution to the most difficult acoustical problems. The M-90 system is designed to be affixed to an existing structure. This system has been utilized in Dallas, Texas, where concrete noise barriers did not reach optimal acoustical performance. The M-90 system added a new look with enhanced optimal acoustical performance reaching a NRC of 1.10.

The biggest difference from the Silent Screen system to the M-90 system is the M-90 system is designed for wall-mounting application, has no back tray, and is made in widths of 24″ wide instead of the Silent Screens 12″ wide system.

If your project calls to push the acoustical absorptive boundaries then our M-90 Septum panel is the right product for you. This extension off of the M-90 system adds addition depth to each panel giving higher marks in STC and NRC.

M-90 system takes the headache out of many of the acoustical problems you may face. Check out the M-90 Specs page to get to the technical data regarding our panel.

M-90 Specification Package

Aluminum M-90 Specifcation Package

M-90 With Back Tray Specifcation Package

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