Turnkey Acoustical Solutions

Empire’s group of installers has done more acoustical installations than anyone worldwide. With more than 30 years experience we provide a professional installation or technical guidance for the customer that chooses to do their own install. Various installation applications include:

  • Ground Mounted
  • Barrier Mounted
  • Wall Mounted
  • Blast Deflectors
  • Roof Tops
  • Sandwich
  • Parapet Attachments
  • Stub up column and grade beams

Installing Panels

The pallets will be brought to the installation area directly from the truck or storage. This is typically done using a fork lift, or crane. The panels weigh approximately 6 lbs per sq. ft. and for a panel of 14 ft. length the maximum weight of the panel is 84 lbs.

  • The panel is then lied, using crane truck, by slings secured at the center of the panel.
  • The panel is lied and lowered into place between 2 pre-set beams. The panels are supported by the flange of the beam and the retaining angle that is loosely bolted to the beam.
  • The workers that are hand setting the panel into place reach behind the panel to tighten the bolts on the retention angle. This clamps the retention angle tightly to the back tray of the panel securing the system.
  • The panels are installed in 2 ft. increments (vertically) to allow the worker to reach behind the panels to tighten all bolts.
  • Once the first pass of 2 ft. is complete from end to end, the steps are repeated to complete the wall installation.

Alternately a number of panels will be shipped to the installation area by truck and/or a trailer to ensure that less time is spent in going back and forth between the storage and installation site


  • Empire Acoustical Systems has construction professionals available to travel to your job site to provide on-site, pre-construction evaluations and technical assistance.
  • Analysis Surveys help to prevent over or under design, thereby saving the customer time and money.

At Empire Acoustical we deal with absorptive noise wall, free standing noise walls, acoustic wall, acoustical wall panels, noise barrier wall, reflective noise wall barrier, and sound barrier wall solutions.