High Density Series


  • The panels are fabricated from 16 and 22 gauge cold-formed sheet steel.
  • The panels have a width of 12 inches and a thickness of 2¾ inches.
  • The panel face tray is made of 22 gauge perforated cold-formed steel and has 3/16 inch diameter perforations in a 3/8 inch staggered pattern.
  • The panel back tray is made of 16 gauge non-perforated cold-formed steel.
  • The panel back tray is filled with six pound density mineral rock wool.
  • Panel contains 5mm High Density Absorption material
  • Maximum panel length is 14’ before intermediate bracing is required.
  • Sound strikes the perforated side; most of it passes through the perforations and is absorbed by the acoustical material, while some is reflected back to the source of the noise. The remaining sound which is transmitted through the barrier is substantially reduced.

The High Density Series is designed to give you optimal acoustical performance with the addition of a high density absorbent material. It has the same classic look and feel of the original versions with improved performance. The HD Series line consists of our Silent Screen and Silent Screen Septum products. Check out the Individual Spec page to learn more.