Stainless Steel Series


  • Fabricated using 16 and 22-gauge ASTM 204 Stainless Steel 304 Series with a 2D Mill finish.
  • Panels are 24 inches wide by 2 ¾ inches thick.
  • Panel face trays are fabricated using 22-gauge stainless steel with 3/16-inch diameter perforations in a 3/8 inch staggered pattern.
  • Back trays are fabricated using 16-gauge non-perforated steel.
  • Panel back tray is filled with six-pound density mineral rock wool with a 5 mm dampening material.
  • The maximum 304 Series Silent Screen panel length is 14’-0” (depending on wind load) before intermediate bracing is required.

The Stainless Steel Series is utilized in harsh environments where the panels can be subject to corrosion. The Stainless Steel Series offers the same optimal acoustical performance with peak durability. The stainless steel comes from North American Stainless, a domestic steel producer who truly values quality. The Stainless Steel Series is truly the next wave of acoustical panels designed with your interests in mind.