Angle-Lok Reflective


  • The panels are fabricated from 22 gauge cold-formed sheet steel. Conforms to the structural quality and galvanized in accordance with ASTM A-653, Class G-90.
  • Melts above 2,750 Degrees Fahrenheit, has a flame spread of 15 or less and a smoke development of 0 when tested in accordance with ASTM Standard E-84, is rated incombustible by ASTM Standard E-136.
  • The panels have a width of 12 inches and a thickness of ½ inch.
  • Maximum panel length is 14’ before intermediate bracing is required.
  • Sound strikes the panel and is reflected back to the source of the noise. Any remaining sound which is transmitted through the barrier is reduced.
  • The panels will be galvanized and may be coil coated or painted with a powder coating paint system. EAS Standard Color Guide available upon request.

The Angle-Lok Reflective system has been widely used in many State Departments of Transportation. It offers only sound transmission loss acoustical principals. The standard ANGLE-LOK Reflective Panel has a sound transmission class value of at least STC 22.

It is aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. Its light weight design makes it easy to install and affordable. Download the Angle-Lok spec packet to get a more technical feel for this highly proclaimed system.