• M-90 panels are fabricated using 22 gauge cold-formed ASTM 653 Galvanized G-90 sheet steel or Galvalume A-60, with options for Stainless 304 or Aluminum.
  • Standard M-90 panels are 24 inches wide by 2½ inches thick.
  • Face panel trays are typically fabricated using 22-gauge steel with 3/16-inch diameter perforations in a 3/8-inch staggered pattern.
  • M-90 panels are filled with six-pound density mineral rock wool with option for fiberglass.
  • The maximum M-90 panel length is 12’-5” before intermediate bracing is required.
  • The NRC rating is 1.05.
  • An optional panel back tray is typically fabricated using 16 gauge non-perforated cold-formed galvanized steel.

The M-90 product line offers a solution to the most difficult acoustical problems. The M-90 system is designed to be affixed to an existing structure. This system has been utilized in Dallas, Texas, where concrete noise barriers did not reach optimal acoustical performance. The M-90 system added a new look with enhanced optimal acoustical performance reaching a NRC of 1.10.

The biggest difference from the Silent Screen system to the M-90 system is the M-90 system is designed for wall-mounting application, has no back tray, and is made in widths of 24″ wide instead of the Silent Screens 12″ wide system.

M-90 system takes the headache out of many of the acoustical problems you may face. Check out the M-90 Specs page to get to the technical data regarding our panel.