Empire Acoustical Systems has over 30 years of experience manufacturing acoustical barriers, noise walls, soundproofing panels and acoustic solutions for custom design. We know no two acoustical solutions fit the same project and we customize our absorptive and reflective acoustic barriers to meet the needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of acoustic panel wall systems, noise enclosures, reflective wall surfaces, absorptive wall panels and acoustical doors and gates. Please check us out to see all that we offer and contact us with any questions, we are happy to help you find the acoustical solution you are looking for.


With an assortment of absorptive and reflective panels, EAS can provide a more specific and individualized solution for your noise mitigation measures, regulations, and requirements. Noise Pollution will remain a key environmental issue, but with proper design and selection of materials, we can create an acoustical system with increased sound performance that fixes this issue long term. EAS has been solving the loudest transportation problems for 30 years, with our innovative barrier metal panels for highways, bridges, airports, and railways.


Empire Acoustical Systems understands the complexity of meeting industrial noise criteria. There is a challenge in satisfying municipal noise regulations, and complying with OSHA workplace standards of less than 85 decibels, while ensuring that the EPA, and the people, are pleased. EAS has the technical ability and experience to achieve the solution in a cost-effective manner.



Empire acoustical systems has made it a mission to provide proven solutions for indoor and outdoor noise applications. We ensure that workers have safe and sound working conditions in the commercial world. We keep the fun of racetracks, gymnasiums, outdoor theatres, and pistol ranges running without the loud headaches.  And we keep residents happy with a variety of colors and textures for acoustical walls that please the eyes, and the ears.

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